LUNG AN Stainless

We are one of the main suppliers of stainless steel in Taiwan.

Lung An Stainless Steel Ind. Co., Ltd. has established since 1998. It’s fully equipped and functional supply channels offer you products, ranging from the Stainless Steel Plate & Sheet, Coil, Round Bar to Flat Bar, Angles, Welding Tube, Pipe, and Wire.

We hold the spirit of SPECC

This highly professional team is led by CEO, Mr. H.L., Lin who has been involved in this field over 30 years. We hold the spirit of SPECC which stands for smile, patience, efficiency, courtesy and creativity, as our corporate culture. We are highly recommended by the local and overseas customers for our top quality, and provide competitive price with the most efficient delivery. Our company’s extensive experience guarantees the satisfaction of our customers.

An ideal base material for a host of commercial applications

Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, relatively low cost, and familiar luster make it an ideal base material for a host of commercial applications such as cookware, industrial equipment, construction material in large buildings, chemical storage tanks…, etc. Stainless steel is the most integral metal impacting the quality of our daily lives with its unique and extensive applications.

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LUNG AN have the best production equipment

LUNG AN multilingual comparison table of products

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不銹鋼花紋版 不锈钢花纹版 Stainless steel etching sheet Aguafuertes de acero inoxidable
不銹鋼管 不锈钢管 Stainless steel tubes Tubo de acero inoxidable
不鏽鋼工廠 不锈钢工厂 Stainless steel factory Fábrica de acero inoxidable
扁管 扁管 Flat tube Tubo planito
不銹鋼材料 不锈钢材料 Stainless steel materials Materia de acero inoxidable
不鏽鋼管製造商 不锈钢管制造商 Stainless steel tube suppliers proveedor de tubos de acero inoxadable
不銹鋼價格 不锈钢价格 Stainless steel prices El precio de acero inoxidable
不繡鋼 不绣钢 Stainless steel Acero inoxidable
不鏽鋼條 不锈钢条 Stainless steel bar barras de acero inoxidable
不鏽鋼製品 不锈钢制品 Stainless steel product Los productos de acero inoxidable
不銹鋼材 不锈钢材 Stainless steel Acero inoxidable
不銹鋼卷 不锈钢卷 Stainless steel coil Bobina de acero inoxidable
不鏽鋼管規格 不锈钢管规格 Stainless steel specifications Especificaciones del acero inoxidable
不銹鋼圓棒 不锈钢圆棒 Stainless steel round bar Barras redondas de acero inoxidable
不銹鋼角鐵 不锈钢角铁 Stainless steel angel bar Ángulo del acero inoxidable
不鏽鋼板 不锈钢板 Stainless steel sheet Láminas de aceros inoxidables
不銹鋼扁鐵 不锈钢扁铁 Stainless steel flat bar Planita de acero inoxidable
扁鐵 扁铁 flat bar Planita
角鐵 角铁 angel bar Ángulo
不銹鋼種類 不锈钢种类 Stainless steel type Tipo de acero inoxadable
不銹鋼板 不锈钢板 Stainless steel plate Laminas de aceros inoxidables
不鏽鋼公司 不锈钢公司 stainless steel supply in taiwan Proveedor de acero inoxidable de Taiwan.
不鏽鋼管 不锈钢管 Stainless steel pipe Pipo del acero inoxidable
不鏽鋼設備 不锈钢设备 Stainless steel equipment Equipo de acero inoxidable
不銹鋼捲 不锈钢卷 stainless steel strip Tira de acero inoxidable
不銹鋼供應商 不锈钢供应商 stainless steel providers Proveedor de acero inoxidable.