LUNG AN Stainless

Anti-Finger print

Product Name : AFP-SUS (Anti-Fingerprint coating) it is available in a variety of SUS type .sizes and specifications, ensuring durable and trouble-free use. e.g. Grade: 304 / 316 / 430 Finish No.: 2B / No.4 / HL / No.8

Product Profile Anti-Fingerprint Stainless is easy to clean, fingerprint resistant, water repellent, and has been used extensively as building material and in home appliances.

Product Highlights - Fingerprint-resistant, durable, easy to clean and maintain
- 4H hardness, excellent scratch resistance, weather resistant
- Resin-coated finish increase aesthetics and corrosion resistance
- Non-toxic, mildew-proof, environmental

Application - Electronics Casings
- Home Appliance Panels
- Kitchen cabinets, fronts, ventilation systems
- Elevator cab interiors
- Building interior panels